Political Blog Entries

20220304 Russia Invades Ukraine and Pundits Remain Stupid

20220208 Russell Brand, Bill Maher, and Jimmy Dore are Starting to Wake Up

20220206 Facebook Fact Checkers are Really Good at Their Job

20220123 Governments World-wide Praised for Handling of Covid-19

20211222 Wuhan Institute of Virology Said not to be in Developing Covid-19

20211219 The Pros and Cons of Lockdowns are Irrelevant to Health and Well-being

20211219 Peak Public Health Honesty

20211213 New Study: Covid-19 Vaccines Found to be Perfectly Safe (Satire)

20211209 Omicron Variant Responsible for an Untold Number of Deaths

20211206 Armed White Supremacists on the Rise Nationwide

20161206 The Supreme Court Takes a Look at Abortion Once Again

20121206 The Coming Ice Age

20121204 Planner of MAGA Attack On Black Celebrity on Trial

20121203 Sick of the Death Cults Yet?

20121203 What is Critical Race Theory?

20121203 Sweden Abandons Youtube

20121203 Science as Defined by the Left

20121203 The World's Beaches are Disappearing

20121203 China's Got Problems

20121202 Tony Heller's RSS Feeds

20121202 Joe Rogan Proves Climate Alarmists are Correct

20121202 The Failure to Prosecute the Insurrectionists

20121201 Conservatives Always Take the Side of Giant Corporations

20121201 Ten Screw Ups of Dr Fauci

20121125 American Thanksgiving, A Perfect Time for a Brit to Navelgaze

20121124 Blowing Up the White Men can get Away With Murdering Black Men Lie

Paul Joseph Watson and Gad Saad Exposing Media/Tech Manipulations

20211124 Candy that Protects You

20211124 Has Japan Eliminated Covid-19?

20211123 Fake Trump-Russia Conspiracy Update

20211123 Is Bill Gates Bribing the Media with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars?

20211122 The New York Times Attacks Project Veritas and 1st Amendment

20211122 The Rittenhouse Videos (posted in March 2021)

20211119 The Rittenhouse Cope before the Cope

20211119 Weed, UBI, Public Option

Osha Bends the Knee -- Vaccine Mandate Halted for the Time Being

20211119 Is the F-35 Lightning II a Dumpster Fire?

20211118 ABC Continues to Spread Lies but The Fearmongering Narrative is Waning

20211118 Rittenhouse Debate Exposes How Left-Wing Media Consumers are Lied To

20211118 Some Covid-19 Sanity form the Mainstream Media at Long Last

20211112 Bret Weinstein's take on Scientific Consensus

20121112 Russell Brand takes on Biden's Latest Lie

20211112 Biden Administration Vax Mandate Temporarily Blocked by Courts

20211112 I'm Pissed off at Idaho and the Governor for it's Ceaseless Propaganda Regarding Covid and the Vaccines

20211112 Jimmy Dore is a Bulldog and Explodes the Minds of the Misinformed

20211112 Harry Robinson and Thomas Dowling Tee Off Against Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse

20211112 Louis Gohmert has some interesting questions for Merrick Garland

Dark Horse Podcast now admits that there is (and was) good evidence that Hydroxychloroquine is useful in the treatment of Covid

Glenn Beck Predicts that the Left is Going to get Even More Vicious but they are on the Brink of Collapse

Jimmy Dore is Destroying the Mainstream Lies about Covid

20211109 Kyle Rittenhouse Trial to date as reported by the Lotuseaters Podcast

20211109 Dinesh D'Souza has been Keeping Tabs on the Mistreatment of the January 6th Protestors