Jimmy Dore is Destroying the Mainstream Lies about Covid

Tom Clark 2021/11/09 08:44

CAUGHT: NBC's Outrageous Lies About Covid & Child Vaxx
by Jimmy Dore via Youtube

I love watching Jimmy Dore. He's drunk deep from the Commie well of stupidity – he thinks healthcare is a right, that government should set a minimum wage, and there isn't a welfare program he hasn't got aroused over. Yet he's got a bit of split personality and sometimes his libertarian persona comes out and kicks the dog-poo right out of the censors and authoritarians. He's crushing the Democrat narrative on a whole bunch of issues such as Russia-gate, Covid & Fauci, and Democrat's corporate fraud. He's no friend of the right, but on certain topics he is often a good source of information. He often has Max Blumenthal from the Gray Zone and Glenn Greenwald formerly with the Intercept. These guys are socialists through and through (so half brain-dead there) but they great at calling out Democratic corruption. I highly recommend keeping an eye on these guys and what they are reporting.