I'm Pissed off at Idaho and the Governor for it's Ceaseless Propaganda Regarding Covid and the Vaccines

Tom Clark 2021/11/12 07:22

Are you getting tired of the unbalanced information we get, here on this page the government only talks about the benefits, it doesn't talk about risks, both known and unknown. How are we supposed to trust our Idaho government that is only giving us one side of the information we need to be informed?

I don't know if this applies to other streaming services, but I get near constant Idaho.Gov Covid-19 fear-mongering ads when I am trying to stream Youtube videos. They constantly tout the alleged benefits of the vaccines (many of which they have had to back off on over time as alleged benefit after alleged benefit has been proven to be false.) Notice that they never suggest any reason you might want to take the vaccine, even if you have recently had Covid-19. There was a huge study done in Israel and I forget the numbers off the top of my head but natural immunity has proven to be many times over better than the vaccinations. If so, why take the vaccine? Because it's 100% safe and effective right? WRONG! People have died from taking the vaccine. I personally know of 3 people that are no longer with us who died shortly after taking the vaccine. That's on par with the amount of people that I know who died with Covid before the vaccines came out. BTW, I'm not saying do not get the vaccine. I am saying go to independent sources and look at the studies that those people are looking at and see if it makes sense for you to get the jab. Unlike our Governor, I'm suggesting you go to your doctor and find out if they know about the VAERS system and the studies of the system that are showing that there is some risk that people are dying from the vaccine. If you have an MD, that recognizes these risks then that is a doctor that is informed enough that you have a reasonable chance they can evaluate the VAERS studies and the like and see if you are in group that the odds favor you taking the vaccine vs. the odds of you not taking the vaccine. If you have a doctor that is telling you to get the vaccine so you don't spread it to others, then you are talking to an idiot. All the real world data is pointing to the fact that everyone is going to get it, probably a couple of times each decade if this is anything like the flu, and that the vaccinated appear to spread it just as much as the unvaccinated.

Another consideration is that the vaccines may interfere with you getting the full benefit of natural immunity when you do get the bug. I saw some reporting on the Darkhorse Podcast that referenced a study that hints that this might be true. I don't know if it's true or not, I'm just saying it's possible and it makes sense to me. If you get the virus and you haven't had the vaccine that means your immune system is going to throw the kitchen sink at this invader it knows nothing about, and it's going to do pretty much the same thing next time you get the virus and perhaps even a mutation. But if you take the vaccine, especially these mRNA ones these vaccines trick your body into producing a more specific type of response, and thus when your body sees the real virus it may not recognize fully as the same thing especially if you get a mutated virus. Anyway, that's my layman's take on what I see as a potential and under-reported risk. Again, I think you want a doctor that is well-acquainted with all your health issues and real world outcome studies (not just the pharmaceutical trial studies) to help you make up your mind, especially if your vaccine hesitant. However, in general, I have come to the conclusion with what I know right now, the older you are and the more you have health issues the case for getting a vaccinated is much greater than a young person. After all, we elderly folk have less time on left on our ledgers so we have less to worry about when it comes to unknown long-term side effects. For me though, I'm not yet 60 and I think I've already had Covid-19. So no vaccine for me, at least for the time being.