The Supreme Court Takes a Look at Abortion Once Again

Tom Clark 2021/12/06 11:18

Dems Could End Abortion Crisis – But WON’T
by Jimmy Dore via Youtube

Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal lament how the Democrats are so weak that they can't stop the country from protecting unborn babies. Honestly, this stuff just makes me sick.

I bought into the feminist/hedonist propaganda for a long time, I sort of took the position that abortion was regrettable but who am I to tell a woman what to do – that's between her and her values – but my opinion changed. Not sure exactly when, sometime in my early 40s maybe? I think it's when I took a hard look at the damage that feminism had done to marriage and the relationship between men and women. What makes it okay for a woman to terminate a child, but if a man forces a woman to abort his child then that parent's preference becomes evil? Because it's her body? What about the child's body?

The law protects us from being killed even if it were convenient to do so. It doesn't matter if you are a cop, a family member, a clergyman, etc. you don't get to off folks out of convenience. You don't get to off people that aren't productive in society. The law says, does it not, that innocent people have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Eventually, I came to the conclusion I should have always had, that an unborn child is nevertheless a human being, and it's wrong to kill human beings for the mere sake of convenience. And even though it took me a long time to get to the sanctity of life conclusion, it just makes me sick that people hold my previous and downright wicked view on the rights of unborn children.

It seems anyone heavily influenced by communism or feminism is going to discount the sanctity of unborn children. They treat babies like disposable commodities rather than the wonder they are. And it's now, the main reason that people of decency need to speak out against commmunism, feminism, and other cults of death.

Speaking of communism (tyranny by the majority), listen to Marxist Max go off on the U.S. Supreme Court:

Here are his main points:

  1. The Supreme Court is anti-democratic;
  2. it's prone to political manipulations, and
  3. the Democrats are lackadaisical in attacking its integrity.

The Supreme Court is Anti-Democratic

Yeah, the whole structure of the U.S. republic is that it is not a direct democracy. Now, I ask you the reader, how many nations can you name that are a direct democracy? China? Cuba? North or South Korea? Australia? Iceland? Venezuala? Let me give you a hint here – the number is less than 1 and it's a whole number. Anyone that pretends that a direct democracy is ideal or even feasible applied to any large population is a propagandist or a first class moron. Individual liberty, self-autonomy, basic human rights have been trampled on by majorities throughout history, so why anyone would be in favor of a direct democracy is beyond me.

The Supreme Court is Prone to Political Manipulations

Yeah, name any branch of government, anywhere in the world, at any point in time, that isn't? Again, I'll wait for an answer. Again, the hint is this – the number is less than 1 and it's a whole number. The idea that's it's possible to run a country (1) as a direct democracy; or (2) have a government body free of political manipulations is bizarrely naive for a grown man to hold. That's now the ideas that come out of the American Founding – the idea that comes out of the America Founding is to take power and split it up between different branches of federal government and between the federal government and state and local powers. By dividing these powers up, you make it harder for a tyranny to go unchecked. So, yes the U.S. Supreme Court, despite legal idiots that espouse otherwise, is a political creature. But for ding-a-ling Blumenthal to think that just because Trump appointed 3 Justices that Trump was going to get everything he wanted from them is daft. If that were the case all 3 of the Justices he appointed should have sided with him when the country was undergoing a coup via fraudulent voting.

No, the Supreme Court has its ideologies but they don't just do the bidding of the predominant party in all things.

The Democrats are Lackluster in their Criticism of the Supreme Court

Well they are pretty darn good at mischaracterizing its function – but I don't know what more they could do to tear down the nation than they are already doing. They will never get an amendment passed to get rid of the Supreme Court so the best they can do is put the country into a civil war where the entire system is chucked out the window and then the glorious party can rule the country with its iron fist. And they sure are doing everything they can do to bring about that. But in the meantime, they can always try packing the court. Which they nearly got done in 2021.