Sick of Death Cults Yet?

Tom Clark 2021/12/03 09:54

In Germany, Euthanasia is Now Illegal for the Unvaccinated
by Granniopteryx

This story is bizarre!

I am against humans killing humans for just about any reason. It is justifiable in self-defense, justifiable in war, and justifiable for capital crimes in a society that doesn't have the resources to permanently detain its worse criminals IMHO. I can't think of anything else off the cuff. I don't support murder in utero, I don't support euthanasia (doctor assisted suicide), I don't support executing even the most heinous people in any modern nation-state. It's not that Ted Bundy and his ilk aren't deserving of being killed, I just think it is damaging to a civilization's psyche to be involved in executions.