OSHA Bends the Knee -- Vaccine Mandate Halted for the Time Being

Tom Clark 2021/11/19 17:28

I usually like Kim Iverson's prepared statements. They almost always blow up the mainstream media's narrative. I don't think she's a good debater, but she's a great presenter (and she and-or her team does some good research/writing). These other two are pretty milquetoast hosts. One being a Democrat/DSA shill and the other one being the lesser form of a libertarian. I call myself a Nationalist Libertarian, but these guys that don't understand that a nation has to protect its values from being corrupted from Marxist and majority tyrannies as well as external threats are lightweight, utopia-seeking half-wits. Natural law does not equal the Libertarian Party's platform. Nor can a family (nation) endure when it is up to its neck in vice and deprivation. I'm all for each to his own in his private life, but out in public virtue has to be promoted or the society will collapse into debauchery. This has been long-recognized. I think John Adams said something to the effect that the American Republic's formation under Natural Law is wholly unsuitable as a form of government over an immoral people. Look around, he was right. The further the American people have gotten away from it's Christian-like ethos, the weaker the country has become. We're now at a point that since the people have rejected acting morally and civilly in public that something is going to have to take up the slack, or the open depravity is just going to bring all these blessings down.

I'm saying this and I am not a Christian. However, I fully support Christianity when it isn't wealth-seeking, idol-worshiping, or persecuting non-believers.