The New York Times Attacks Project Veritas and 1st Amendment

Tom Clark 2021/11/22 20:46

Project Veritas, Assange, and the Authoritarian Decrees of Who Is a “Real Journalist”
by glenn-greenwald via Youtube

Here I go again relying on a left-wing reporter to bring you the truth as to how evil and wicked left-wing mainstream media is. glenn-greenwald outlines how vile The New York Times is when it comes to attacking journalists that have exposed Democrats.

NYTimes & FBI Wage War On Project Veritas
by jimmy-dore via Youtube

jimmy-dore covers the same story in a funnier way, albeit not as thoroughly.

This goes to show you that we are very far along the fascist road. Fascism is where the government and private business conspire together to control every detail in society right down to the individual and what he or she is allowed to know or think.