Jimmy Dore is a Bulldog and Explodes the Minds of the Misinformed

Tom Clark 2021/11/12 07:24

Jimmy Responds To Anti-Vaxx Criticism & Corrects Record
by Jimmy Dore via Youtube

Again, I'm not a fan of his socialism, but I love that Jimmy Dore is making some lefties brains explode. Too many on the left and on the right are ignorant about the real research and outcomes regarding government responses to Covid world-wide. I've been ahead of the curve on masks, therapeutic treatments, origins of the disease, and on vaccine efficacy because I just don't listen to mainstream media (aka liars and enemies of humanity and decency). If you want truth you are going to have to quit listening to the CNNs, the NBCs, the ABCs, the CBSs, the NPRs of the world. Instead, you want to take information from independent journalists and commentators from a variety of sides of the issues. Then, every now and then, you have to pick a topic and go to the source materials and verify how accurate your independent sources are. In this way, you can figure out who you can trust and when you can trust them. If Jimmy Dore is attacking a lefty narrative, it's a pretty safe bet that he's revealing a lot of truth.