Governments World-wide Praised for Handling of Covid-19

Tom Clark 2022/01/23 14:12

COVID POlicy is All Wrong! Says Top Immunologist
by Jimmy Dore via Youtube

Yes governments all over the world have been highly praised, especially by big pharma, Davos elites, busy-bodies, and everyone with half-a-brain (by half-a-brain I mean missing the half of the brain that is used in conscience thinking). Unfortunately, for all of those groups, the truth refuses to be stamped out and more and more professionals are finally taking a stand. One thing that I find curious is that the media printed tons of articles of the so-called “doctors” that accused Joe Rogan of medical misinformation, and the media that went after him for taking an anti-viral medicine, is the same media that has barely mentioned the 60,000 NOT 270 BUT 60,000 scientists and medical professionals that signed the Barrington Declaration.

Communists are always going to commie. BTW, Communists aren't for equality. Communists are elitists who want more power that sucker idiots into destroying a culture, and the elitists just take more power unto themselves as the culture burns. Great job, idiots.