Paul Joseph Watson and Gad Saad Exposing Media/Tech Manipulations

Tom Clark 2021/11/24 10:35

The Truth About the Christmas Parade Killer
by paul-joseph-watson via Youtube

Latest Trials & Tribulations with Social Media Companies - I Am Utterly Fed Up (THE SAAD TRUTH_1340)
by gad-saad via Youtube

Hopefully by now my readers will realize I follow a lot of left-wing news commentators who are not corporate-captured. I also follow right-wing news commentators who are not corporate-captured. I never agree with anyone 100% of the time, but I do like getting perspectives from different ideologies as long as it is mostly free of corporatist spin. Now, I am not against corporations, I think they have a place in society, but I don't think they ought to be able to engage in driving out competition through regulation, etc. I don't think we should allow corporations to attack morality itself. Large corporations wield a huge amount of power and if you don't restrict their power, they will rule the people that they are supposed to serve.

Anyway, paul-joseph-watson is an edgy and bombastic antagonist to the left. He can be quite funny.

gad-saad is a stalwart and courageous professor that attacks everything that is classically illiberal.

Recently, they have documented new instances of why the corporate-captured media and big tech are enemies of a moral people. Well worth a watch if you still think captured media and tech isn't an issue.

By the way, when corporations first started coming around the various feudal societies realized how dangerous and powerful they might become and challenge the governments. For this reason, charters and corporations were not allowed unless permitted by the crown. If permitted, they originally had to stay within a specific and stated intent (their original mission statement if you will) and I believe they originally also came with expiration dates. In my view, individuals should have way more freedom in their private lives. They should have way more privacy protections. They should be required to behave in a moral manner in public (i.e. no public exposure, alcohol or drug usage whenever minors are present, etc.) But corporations, they need to be put on a leash and stay out of the way of new companies coming along and stay the hell out of our private lives and conform to our moral demands for acceptable public behavior. They should not be allowed to place pressure on people or campaign on how the people ought to live their lives or govern their nation.