Blowing Up the White Men can get Away with Murdering Black Men Narrative

Ahmaud Arbery VERDICT: The Jury Reached The CORRECT Decision!
by anthony-brian-logan via Youtube

This is a case that runs counter to the captured-media, race-war baiting, narrative that the justice system allows whites to kill black. As if it has to be said, such is simply not true. The media and tech companies that promote this sort of nonsense are stirring up violence.

That being said, this case was a bit more complex than ABL describes it. From what I understand the defense argued that the Georgia citizen arrest laws allows a citizen arrest to be done upon information that the person being arrested is a felon. I really don't know and that's up to the State of Georgia to decide. If the defense was wrong about the law – which is the opinion of the judge in this case, then the verdict is correct for sure. For more about this nuance check out Sean Fitzgerald's analysis of the issue:

Judge DESTROYS Defense In Ahmaud Arbery Trial
by sean-fitzgerald via Youtube