Russia Invades the Ukraine and Pundits Remain Stupid

Tom Clark 2022/03/04 10:08

So I've been trying to wrap my head around on what to think about Russia invading Ukraine. I'm troubled because in my opinion our U.S. government is so corrupt and beholden to global corporate elites who are hell-bent on riding roughshod over national rights (and therefore my rights as an American and a human being) that it's hard to side with the global corporate elites retaliating against Russia.

On the other hand, the people of Ukraine are at the wrong end of the bayonet here, so my heart goes out to them.

Anyway, I don't agree 100% with the take in the featured video here, but Sean Fitzgerald aka Actual Justice Warrior does a great job at pointing out the stakes and how so many pundits out there are just dumber than gum.

Russia Invades Ukraine Everyone BLAMES America
by Sean Fitzgerald aka Actual Justice Warrior via Youtube