Newsweek and Some Covid-19 Sanity from the Mainstream Media at Long Last

Tom Clark 2021/11/18 17:23

FYI Jimmy Dore isn't my only source for Covid-19 information. For summary information, I also have been watching Darkhorse Podcasts on Odysee/LBRY. Also, on Youtube there's three different doctors that I have checked in with quite a bit. Now, I don't agree with any single source and there's reasonable room for different positions on these topics. Anyway, here's the other channels that you can check in on.

John Campbell, PhD, Instructor of Nursing

Vinay Prasad MD MPH

Dr. Suneel Dhand

Recently we have coming out in a Newsweek opinion piece MARTIN KULLDORFF AND JAY BHATTACHARYA who are calling for some sanity and science in dealing with the pandemic. Newsweek Opinion: How Fauci Fooled America. Who are Kulldorff and Bhattacharya? Oh, just a couple of quacks I suppose. From the article bio: “Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., is an epidemiologist, biostatistician, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, Ph.D., is a Professor of Health Policy at Stanford University School of Medicine. Both are Senior Scholars at the newly formed Brownstone Institute.”

The malfeasance of Dr. Fauci, various government healthcare officials, and the mainstream media is getting exposed. Hopefully, the media lies here will wake up millions of voters. We have to stop the corporate capture of America and all of our institutions. This is not just a Democrat problem, from George H.W. Bush to George W. Bush, the Republican party was totally captured as well. The likes of Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz are the types of leaders we need in all levels of government to throw off the shackles, IMHO.

The biggest mistake Donald Trump made was to promise too much with these vaccines. To be clear, I don't have any problem with the Warpspeed program other than the drug companies being free of any liability. Some sort of limited liability should have applied only so long as they dotted their i's and crossed the t's in the medical trials and published all the bad information they had regarding their products – even on as ongoing condition. But back to Trump, he should have held out hope for the vaccines and related that they were promising, yet point out that they were going to be new and you should consult your doctor before taking them. But he leaned too hard into bragging about these vaccines and what they would do. Big mistake.

Another big lesson here, the government should not be in the business of overstating any treatment or vaccine. Let me expand. If Pfizer, Moderno, or Johnson & Johnson said what the CDC, NIH, and the State of Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare continue to say about these vaccines they would be violating advertising laws. In other words, our government has been pushing unbalanced (and outright false) claims about the vaccines from the get go and continue to do so to this day. I just saw another bullshit Department of Health commercial today (and every day this week) where a lady says she take the vaccine not just for herself but to protect the community. At this point, there has been a couple of studies and plenty of data points to show that vaccinations at this point in time, do not offer communal protection.

Newsweek: Christmas Celebrations Cancelled in Most Vaccinated Area in the World as Cases Spike

Fox News: Most Vaccinated Country in the World Cancels Christmas Due to Huge Covid Spike

Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the country. So why are cases surging?

Singapore reports worst daily Covid case tally in more than a year

If you are a lefty you probably think states like Florida (or any other red state) was being irresponsible in its liberal Covid-19 policies. You are probably used to coverage like this:

MSNBC: Florida’s per capita Covid death rate is 50x Australia’s

But the truth is all jurisdictions have suffered huge spikes. This virus hits in a big waves. It doesn't matter what your policy is, in your jurisdiction you are likely to have gone through two huge spikes. But the lefty media will try to paint this as a result of bad Republican policies. It's a lie. Plain and simple. As far as I can tell the biggest factor in cases per capita has to do with population density. In a highly dense state I suspect you can easily get a crazy high spike because it is able to get to all corners of the jurisdiction very rapidly. In more rural states, you may areas that are spread out enough to avoid the spike happening in every county within the state at the same time. But overall, there's not much of a difference whatever the policies have been.

Below is chart from Our World in Data.Org (taken from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE Covid-19 Data). Here you can compare just about any country in the world and you will see that no matter what, each country is getting hit with spikes.

And if you compare the selected countries over the entire course of the pandemic, Sweden comes out better than everyone except Germany.

The fearmongering media has many times tried to portray the Sweden approach – no mandates for masks, certainly no children masks, vaccines, etc. as being terrible. Many outlets dragged Sweden through the mud whenever they were in the middle of a spike, but then never really got back and changed the mainstream day in and day out narrative when it became clear that the Swedish approach was just as good as anyone else's if not better than most.

Here's a look at mainstream fearmongering about Sweden:

The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster. It Shouldn’t Be A Model for the Rest of the World

The fearmongering media is bought and paid for by lefty and corporate interests. And what they don't want you to think about is that if you simply protect the most vulnerable population as best you can, it is probably a good idea to let the young and healthy population mingle and get the virus. Why? Well because the entire population continues to be living a healthy lifestyle. If you isolate your population, their overall immunity to other diseases will wane. They will not be getting the other medical treatments they should. They won't be outdoors getting Vitamin-D (which seems to be very effective mitigation against Covid-19 hospitalization and death). They won't be getting exercise, also helpful in fighting Covid-19. They won't be depressed turning to alcohol, drugs, and suicide. They won't lose their jobs and purpose, etc. But the fearmongering media, the media bought and paid for by big pharma, the party/politicians captured by corporate interests, they had no interest in giving out balanced information.

Is This Why The Media Won't Say Anything Bad About Pfizer? (This Video Is NOT Sponsored By Pfizer)

For Pete's sake how many times have we caught these pharmaceutical companies being downright evil? Then in the midst of a pandemic, all of the sudden, they are some sort of God-sent host of angels? Here is just a two examples of pharmaceutical malfeasance that have come to light recently!

NBC: 4 drug companies agree to pay $26 billion to resolve opioid lawsuits

NPR: A judge temporarily halts baby powder cancer lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson

And as soon as the vaccine issue started being perceived as a left/right issue, way too many people just threw out all reason and common sense. So many forgot about our natural immunity and defenses that we learned in fifth grade science class. It's been ridiculous. All of the sudden, we forgot to compare the risk of dying from Covid-19 for our demographic compared to other fatal risks, such as the flu, failure to screen for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

This really isn't a traditional left/right issue. This is a world-authoritarian versus a national-libertarian issue. This is an issue of whether or not we are cowards and are willing to live in a world of mask/lockdown/vaccine mandates, or whether we have the courage to live like a human being and face our own mortality in a rational way. Sure had the pandemic been as bad as predicted when the Trump administration first encouraged the 15 day lockdown to help alleviate stress on our healthcare system – sure then the mandates would have been defensible – but by April of 2020 it was already quite clear that we were looking at a pandemic in line with a very bad flu season. We have never locked down the country, mandated masks, and mandated flu vaccines for the worst of flu seasons. Well, I think some jobs have flu vaccine requirements, such as some healthcare workers, but that's about it.

Again, the media, the Democratic party, idiots like the Governor of Idaho, and all others captured by the pharmaceutical industry need to answer for their malfeasance. And never forget, the big tech companies are in league with all this nonsense and censored heavily people that questioned health authorities.