Russell Brand, Bill Maher, and Jimmy Dore are Starting to Wake Up

Tom Clark 2022/02/08 16:45

So, I'm Right-Wing Now?
by Russell Brand via Youtube

Bill Maher: Establishment Got COVID Wrong
by Jimmy Dore via Youtube

I smell a political shift in the wind. The establishment's Covid narrative is falling apart. The Canadian Trucker story. The Joe Rogan “medical misinformation/Spotify censorship” story. There's getting to be way too many loose ends and God-willing there will be a political reckoning for the inhumane damage these toss-pots have done to people.

My Youtube Comment on Brand's Video

Hey I really like RB's channel and a lot he has been saying. But he's been lied to about what drives right wing grass roots conservatives. So let's talk in general about conservatives. We lean towards free markets, but we're not against reigning in large corporations. We're against welfare that traps people in poverty, not programs that elevate people out of poverty. We're against high taxation, even against corporations, because we're not stupid. We know that corporations pass on their tax burdens to the poor. So, all you do by taxing corporations is hurt the little guy. So, RB and those of you that believe as he does – now that you see how you've been lied to about so many things, it's about time for you to realize the media's been lying to you as to what a grass roots conservative is.