Rittenhouse Debate Exposes How Left-Wing Media Consumers are Lied To

Tom Clark 2021/11/18 17:22

Steven Bonnell aka Destiny is a left-wing Twitch streamer and Youtube personality. However, he is much more rooted in facts and logic than your average lefty. He is skeptical of left-wing reporting in many cases and therefore doesn't fall into misinformation traps as readily as others. I don't really follow this guy, but the Youtuber sean-fitzgerald is someone that I do follow and AJW keeps tabs on Destiny and recently recommended this debate to spotlight how left wing media lies to its consumers.

Now Bonnell does a pretty good job in supporting his arguments, but he missed out on a few details that even further support his arguments. Also, AJW is a great channel that takes a look at almost all of these racially charged cases that get widespread media attention and he'll take you through the facts in an entertaining way.

Anyway, Jimmy Dore had a really good rundown on what actually happened in Kenosha. Also, here at this point in his show, he stunningly points out how misled left-wing media consumers are:

While I encourage you to watch this entire stream, at this point an educated liberal explains how she was lead to believe by her left-wing media that Rittenhouse had a violent encounter with black people when actually everyone involved was white! This goes to show how bad the media wants to stir up racial tension in support of destroying Western Culture in favor of cultural Marxism. The lies of the left-wing media are getting so crazy now that its waking people up. As Clifton Duncan said in a follow up tweet in that segment “Those who eyes have been opened by the Rittenhouse trial might want to start asking themselves what else 'the news' has been lying about.” I just pray that the left-wing media continues to lean hard into its race-baiting, Marxist, corporatist captured lies and keeps waking people up to their lies by the hundreds of thousands.