Joe Rogan Proves Climate Alarmists are Correct

Tom Clark 2021/12/02 17:06

Stephen Pinker on What Has Happened to Being Rational
by Joe Rogan via Youtube

In this video Joe Rogan makes fun of climate deniers asking one “How much research have you done?” Joe and his guest, Stephen Pinker, talk about the biggest predictor of being a climate alarmist denier has to do with being on the right.

The reason that people deny climate alarmism is pretty simple. The climate alarmists keep making up lies. Everyone on the left and right knows the climate changes. As I skeptic, I am interested to know if given all the other lies of lefty-scientists, communists, and the media captured by globalists – what evidence do they have that backs up their claims. It better be damn good evidence, because these alarmists all want more global government to solve this problem.

Also, there was a lot more green on the earth when there was more CO2 in the atmosphere. In fact, often greenhouses use CO2 to help plants flourish. So higher CO2 is healthier for wildlife (up to a point) and since the earth has come down from much higher CO2 levels in the past, why are we worried about it before we get to even being close to the great CO2 levels that made life flourish in the past?

Tony Heller has a great Youtube library and he's been exposing the lies of climate alarmists for a long time. Here's a couple of videos just to give you a flavor as to the baloney that climate alarmists and the captured media love to peddle.

World's Worst Scientist?
by Tony Heller via Youtube

Twice as Fast
by Tony Heller via Youtube

Most Dishonest Science in 1,200 Years
by Tony Heller via Youtube

And here's a couple of articles from Michael Shellenberger an environmental activist that is calling out the alarmists for the misinformation they pump out:

Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong

Why Climate Alarmism Hurts Us All

So to Joe Rogan and Stephen Pinker and the like-minded: Please address the claims made by Tony Heller and Michael Shellenberger and myself. If anyone can poke holes in the factual information, conclusions, and questions skeptics have, I'm all ears. But I'll be damned if I'll be convinced that climbing out of dangerously and historically low CO2 levels constitutes anything but positive news for the planet. Yes, higher CO2 levels may end up being a problem for some areas of the globe, but if this is a global catastrophe, then it has to be a net loss in food and wildlife levels does it not? Otherwise, globally-speaking, it's a boon.

Now if we get to a point where CO2 is getting close to historically high levels, then we need to start worrying, but until then CO2 emissions by civilization seems to be doing the world a favor. Yes, I think it is wise to keep an eye on what's going on, but I only see good things going on with the climate. So how am I wrong?