American Thanksgiving, A Perfect Time for a Brit to Navelgaze

Tom Clark 2021/11/25 10:04

Why Do We All Perceive Reality Differently? Here's the ANSWER!
by Awakening With Russell via Youtube

What a bunch of fartsniffing navelgazing tripe. What are we 3 y.o. and unable to realize that people have different viewpoints and sometimes we even change our own views? I’m sorry for anyone that is constantly in search of some guru that is going to help them ascend, there must be a lot of pain or damage there. Wafting at the indistinct abstracts isn’t going to reveal the secrets of the universe. The universe is too big to be contained by a human brain, grab onto the golden rule, figure out what is vice and what is virtue, and then from there do your best to organize your thoughts and knowledge so you can be of some use. Don’t waste time making simple things complex as is being done here.