Ten Screw Ups of Dr Fauci

Tom Clark 2021/12/01 08:32

Omicron, Boosters, and Is Fauci a synonym for Science itself?
by vinay-prasad via Youtube

The blockquotes below are from Prasad's substack article.

The number one issue with all these doctors and scientists is the absolute absurdity that someone who is specialized in one are of society should decide all public policies regarding their special knowledge. This is bonkers. We don't let our law enforcement lockdown the entire country because that would reduce the risk of crime. We value our freedom to such an extent that we will take the risk that we will be a victim of crime.

We don't let rocket scientists decide how much money we spend towards traveling to other planets. We have a finite amount of resources and traveling to other planets is incredibly expensive and so interplanetary travel isn't seen as a practical expense.

It is vitally important that whatever experts are recommending with respect to their areas of knowledge, that others outside of that bubble question whether or not the recommendation would cause harm throughout the rest of society.

In mid March of 2020, Fauci advocated for 15 days of ‘hunkering down’— the initial shelter in place orders were driven by Fauci’s advocacy. Many will feel this was a reasonable precaution, but others will argue it precipitated a series of events where global governments believed lockdown was sanctioned and could be used and reintroduced.

This was sold to the public as a way to reduce the spike in hospital admissions. For those that were actually listening, many health experts were saying that it was unlikely we could do much to keep the number of infections down over the lifetime of the virus, but if we did a short-term lockdown we might be able to slow the spread. Nevertheless, the virus would spread. Later, this advice morphed into locking down the country until the virus was beat largely at the drumbeat of the corporate-captured media, political numbskulls, and dictators-in-training and this was backed up by our captured-scientific community.

Fauci argued strongly against school reopening in April 2020. Please read this post for a detailed list of Fauci’s claims/ statements that encouraged school closure.

Fearmongering at its finest. Given by that time (to today), to the best of our knowledge, kids are more at risk from the flu than Covid-19 and as a society we already have established that it is more important to go to school than to slow the spread of the flu through schoolchildren.

Fauci famously flip flopped on masks. He either told one noble lie, or another, but regardless masks have become a hotly disputed topic.

Actually, he may have lied both times. At any rate, all he had to say was that studies tend to show that masking the general public is ineffective. If you want to wear one, go ahead but for the best results wear a good one and wear it properly and at all times. If you are only going to wear it intermittently, or the mesh is so wide you can smoke a cigarette through it then there's little point.

In other words, he shouldn't be in the business of recommending to wear or not wear a mask, he should be in the business of reporting health science. It should always be up to the people as to whether they want a government that mandates masks or not, but before the mask wearing policies go into place we need to look vigorously into the other effects mask wearing might have (i.e. reducing the vigor of our natural immune system by avoiding a multitude of germs and viruses may not be worth using a barrier that provides unsubstantial protection from Covid-19.

This has been the worst “if we could save just one life” benefit only analysis I have ever seen implemented on a society. You must weigh the risks of the policy, which was not done.

Fauci opposed a 1 dose initial strategy in the USA, as was done in the UK— a strategy that multiple modeling studies show would save more lives.

Really? I haven't seen this reported.

Fauci admitted to Don McNeil that the herd immunity threshold he offered was in part motivated to increase vaccination rates (a noble lie). Later the CDC would remove the goal of herd immunity entirely.

Yeah, he's a liar. Yeah, he's a public health authority. And yeah, we are told to trust public health authorities. And yeah, they've never had my trust and they aren't going to gain it until they stop lying. But they can't seem to help themselves.

Fauci was part of the pressure on the FDA to authorize boosters prior to RCT data that led to Gruber and Kraus resigning from FDA. They penned an op-ed critical of this.

Yep, the FDA was captured by numbskulls, fearmongers, doomsayers, and of course, the pocketbook of big pharma.

Fauci supported vaccine mandates, which may increased vaccination rates by a few percentage points, but may have downstream negative consequences on multiple public domains.

Especially when it's not really a vaccine, it's a therapeutic and there are a lot better therapeutics with a much better safety record.

Fauci pushed for travel bans for Omicron, a decision which many other experts said would be unhelpful.

Anything to create fear and to transfer power and wealth.

Fauci might have funded laboratory research in Wuhan that resulted in genetic manipulation of a coronavirus that then leaked and triggered the global pandemic (open inquiry).

At the very least, he lied about the NIH and his role in funding gain-of-function research. Even if, Covid-19 wasn't specifically a lab leak, they were involved in creating viruses like Covid-19 that do not occur in nature. And I'm supposed to trust our health institutions when they are literally gambling with all human life?

Fauci says that fewer than 10,000 cases a day are needed to achieve normality, though this number appears to be entirely invented with no data to support it.

Just stupid buzzwords, if Covid-19 is endemic we are going to have waves of it, just like the flu, over and over again. The healthcare system can either handle it or not, the population can handle Covid-19 without any therapeutics at all (luckily not the case). I got a bit of advice for the healthcare industry. Do your best, but you and your wannabe dictators and the mobs of numbskulls need stay the hell out of what the general populace does outside of your private spaces. You got no business mandating or recommending anything when you haven't looked at the issue from all angles. Simply report the state of healthcare science then shut your mouth. Your opinion is not needed as to how people live their normal lives.

One of the stupid things Prasad's says in his video is that it's the job of senators to question healthcare authorities. Well, sure, but it's more than that. Its everyone's job and we can't be hyper-focused on only the benefits of proposals, we must thoroughly evaluate risks.