The Failure to Prosecute the Insurrectionists

Tom Clark 2021/12/02 16:23

Democrats TURN on Merrick Garland Over Jan 6 Investigation
by Jimmy Dore via Youtube

Well I didn't expect that Jimmy Dore was going to realize that the alleged January 6th insurrection is just a bunch of nonsense. I think every media outlet has reported that there was no insurrection according to the FBI. Here's just a couple of reports on this:

Yahoo News

MSN News



But the blue checkmarks on Twitter, even though the left-leaning FBI has said there's scant evidence of an organized coup attempt, nevertheless they once again want people prosecuted without evidence to support the prosecution. Seems like the Trump impeachment, Kyle Rittenhouse trial, bogus charges and incarceration of General Flynn political – counter-evidence – show trials aren't enough for these idiots. They don't care about whether or not there is evidence of any crime being committed, they want right-wingers prosecuted even if their lauded FBI hasn't been able to scrounge up evidence for the show trials. This is beyond bizarre. Maybe you could make the case that AG Merrick Garland needs to do something independent of the FBI if the FBI had been shown to be partisan in favor of Trump, but this is the federal agency that spent a couple of years violating the law to undermine the Trump administration. The top brass at the FBI hate Trump, go check out what James Comey has to say about Trump.

There's no case against prominent Republicans. All there is, from what I've seen and read, is basically some folks that were damned upset about the fraud in the 2020 election getting rowdy at the capital and those folks are being over-prosecuted. Even most of the folks that are being prosecuted are being prosecuted for things like delaying official government proceedings and trespassing. Very few are being prosecuted for any sort of serious offense.