Has Japan Eliminated Covid-19?

Tom Clark 2021/11/24 07:50

Miracle in Japan
Dr. John Campbell via Youtube

Japan has a population of ~ 126 million (about 37% of U.S. populations) and recently posted only 79 cases of Covid-19 (not sure if those were hospitalizations or just positive tests) and only 2 deaths.

Look at the cases per million graph!

What explains this? Not sure, it may have something to do with ivermectin as it seems Japanese health authorities rolled out the drug for Covid-19 during their last spike/wave. But also, there may be some sort of natural immunity the Japanese have that has really kicked into overdrive. It's unclear, it's probably a combination of things, but whatever is going on it appears that Covid-19 is failing to reproduce. Think of it like a couple that are infertile. Covid-19 in Japan appears to be breaking down genetically and is increasingly finding it difficult to replicate itself.

This is Covid-Sars-II we are dealing with. According to Campbell Covid-Sars-I is extinct. Is it possible rather than living with Covid-19 that it will simply die off?