New Study: Covid-19 Vaccines Found to be Perfectly Safe

Except for the people the Covid-19 vaccines end up killing, the vaccines are perfectly safe according to this new study.

Tom Clark 2021/12/13 05:50

Myocarditis data from Ontario Province: Specific Vaccine & Interval between Doses | A Must Read!
by Vinay Prasad MD MPH via Youtube

Yes I'm being a bit hyperbolic here, but not much. Whatever happened to the long-standing medical practice of tailoring healthcare decisions to each individual? This is why government promotion of these vaccines without consulting a doctor is a malicious. Also it's despicable is governmental promotion of any medical procedure without informing the public about associated health risks.

How many times has the pharmaceutical industry and government health officials been involved in promoting drugs dishonestly before the vast majority of the people realize – you can't trust these people. You should have known that this was likely to go sideways the day you realized it was being heavily promoted while medical experts who were being critical were being censored.

UPDATE: UK Study is Backing Up Ontario Study

Tom Clark 2021/12/15 08:27

Myocarditis in the UK: Moderna vs. the Virus! NEW Nature Medicine Paper
by Vinay Prasad MD MPH via Youtube