The Coming Ice Age

Tom Clark 2021/12/06 10:02

Walter Cronkite Ice Age Warning
Republished by Tony Heller via Bitchute

This was a bit before my time but I remember as a schoolboy coming ice age predictions like this. And when it turned from the world will be one big icecap to there will no longer be icecaps at all that's when my skepticism of climate alarmists began. Tony does an incredible job of exposing how many alarmist predictions have failed. Basically, all of them ever made! But with that kind of track record, why not just trust the next alarmist to show up in the news?

Memory, Climate Hoax and Herd Immunity
by Sanity4Sweden

Stefan also remembers and claims “Nothing of what they said about what will happen, happened. Nothing. None of it. You can remind people of this.” Yep, that's pretty much what I remember of all global climate calamities that have been predicted for the 1990s, then for the 2000s, then for 2010s, and now currently none of the alarmist predictions for the 2020s are happening. Please tell young people that these alarmists have never been right so far, and ask why exactly they trust today's alarmists.