Is Bill Gates Bribing the Media with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars?

Tom Clark 2021/11/23 08:09

Bill Gates Caught Buying Positive News Coverage
by jimmy-dore via Youtube

It is being reported that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given hundreds of millions of dollars to news media outlets. Is this why he – despite having no science bona fides was brought on to so many news outlets and treated as some sort of health guru? Remember, if you are a drug company and you advertise on television you are required by law (I believe) to list side effects and also to advise the public to consult with your doctor. Having Bill Gates and government officials push these new medicines is a way in which investors in these companies can sell drugs for the companies and get around the law.

I hate to keep using The Jimmy Dore Show to bring out some of the most important stories, but he's just got a way of unapologetically getting to the problem with mainstream media. With very few exceptions both the left and right wing televised media are milquetoast and not worth your time (unless you want to believe what the corporatist overlords tell you to believe. For example:

Sinclair's Soldiers in Trump's War on Media
by Deadspin via Youtube

Watching mainstream news outlets is a sure fire way to become misinformed. Here is the NPR Story regarding the origins of the mashup video. Remember Cheryl Atkinson researched the origins of “fake news” and it turns out the modern usage of the term came from the left-wing to bolster lefty-corporatist sources, only later did Trump use it to undermine those same sources – the real fake news. See article. At any rate, the mashup demonstrates how corporate/political media pushes corporate/political narratives. To understand what is truly going on in the world you have to use sources that are not captured.