Kingdom Come Deliverance on Linux Mint

Tom Clark 2022/02/20 20:30

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a meme gold mine. If only it were more well-known like Star Wars or LOTR, etc. This game is – all in all – a masterpiece. The story is very good and the game mechanics are cleverly inventive and IMHO legendarily good. The world is beautiful for the most part. Yes, there are some issues with your garments clipping, etc. but this game can transport your imagination like few other games.


I had a lot of crashing with this game and here's what seemed to lower the amount of crashing. I tried several Proton versions and several launch options. Several dozen combinations I went through.

In Nvidia X Server Settings, I made sure that the monitor that KCD was on was set in X Server XVideo Settings > Currently Synced to Display. I went with Vsync off in the game settings and I had the following in my Steam launch options: PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI PROTON_NO_ESYNC PROTON_NO_FSYNC. I don't really know if any of this worked, the game recently got an update and that's also the time when the game started playing better. I suggest trying it without any launch options and with Vsync on to start with and then add in these other launch options if you have a lot of crashes. Finally, get the Kingdome Come Deliverance “Quicksave” mod from Nexuxmods.com and that way even if you crash a lot, you can save the game a lot to compensate.

Final Thoughts

Except for crashing the game ran smooth as butter. It was a real pleasure to play this game once again!

The game is better played without an F5 Quicksave option because if you don't have a ton of saves it makes you more nervous not to get caught, etc. But that being said, if the game is crashing, then get the Quicksave Mod mentioned above in Tinkering, it is really a Godsend against a game that crashes a lot.

I'm also trying to figure out what the %command% thing does in Steam's launch options. From what I gather, environmental settings must proceed the %command% tag and your regular command flags follow the %command% flag. Not 100% sure on that yet.