How to Get Automatic Updates for this Website (RSS Feed)

You can setup your web browser to check for new content at thomasclark.us without visiting our website. My website does this by providing an RSS Feed, all you have to do is add/configure an RSS Aggregator to your computer. In the example below, we will setup Feedbro, an RSS Aggregator you can get for Chromium and Firefox web browsers including Microsoft Edge and my favorite browser Chromium/Brave-based browser – Dissenter! IMPORTANT - See Footnote Below1)

Please note: browser extensions, including any RSS Aggregator is likely to have a heckuva a lot of access to the browser information for the browser it is installed to. For this reason, I have 2 web browsers on all my computers. I use one web browser with no extensions whatsoever and that is my secure browser that I use for highly confidential websites such as my bank website and Amazon. The other browser is my casual browser and I use it for general web-surfing (such as going to Youtube and thomasclark.us).

In this case we will use the Dissenter browser, but your browser should be similar.

  1. Select the settings button “≡” in the upper right corner of Dissenter;

  2. then “Browser Exentsions” from the pop-up menu;

  3. then “Webstore”;

  4. then “Extensions”;

  5. then type in “Feedbro” into the search box and press [Enter] on your keyboard;

  6. then select the “Feedbro Reader” icon;

  7. then review the privacy information regarding the extension and if satisfied continue;

  8. then select “Add to Brave” (Note: Dissenter is a fork of Brave, which in turn is a fork of Chromium);

  9. then the Feedbro icon in the upper right corner of Dissenter;

  10. then copy the url from any of topics below (highlight and press simultaneously the [Ctrl] + [C] keys on your keyboard;
  11. then “Open Feed Reader”;

  12. then “Add a new Feed”;

  13. then click into the Feed URL prompt and press simultaneously the [Ctrl] + [V] keys on you keyboard;

  14. then click on the “Load” button;

  15. then change the Title to Title Case if you want (i.e. from “Thomas Clark politics” to “Thomas Clark Politics”);

  16. then ensure (at least for now) that the “Feed entry content” prompt is set to “As is - defined by the feed”;

  17. then select the “Save” button;

  18. then select “Thomas Clark Politics in the left hand column;

  19. then repeat 10 through 17 to add all the thomasclark.us topics that you want to follow.

If all has gone well you have now set up your Feedbro reader and you no longer have to visit the thomasclark.us website to read any new articles for the topics you are interested in.


The last word in the URL is the topic! Copy one topic by highlighting the entire URL and pressing [Ctrl] + [C] on your keyboard.


After copying the topic of your choice return to Step 11 above.

How to Use Feedbro

The feeds you subscribe to show up in the left hand column. You can edit the settings of a single feed by right-clicking on the feed and selecting “Properties”. If you want to get the entire backlog of entries from a feed, set the “Maximum entries to save” to 2000 as seen here.

At the upper right you have global advanced settings.

That's all I'm going to cover here, other than to say that you can use this technology to pull into your browser a bunch of different articles from other bloggers and news outlets without having to visit websites individually.

20121208 I've been trying to download Dissenter for a week and the website just forwards you trends.gab.com. I found a post or two that makes it seem like the Dissenter browser has been discontinued. I'm going to have to get a new favorite browser.