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My tools are sorted in Tool Kit Type, then Alphabet order.

Kit Types

Tool kit types: C=Concrete, D=Demolition, E=Electrician, P=Plumbing, R=Roofing

Values & Negotiation

The replacement value and the current value that I assign to the tools are the negotiated values between myself and the borrower and may not be the lowest or best price the item might be obtained locally or nationally at any given time. The values are negotiated in the following manner. I set the value, but the borrower is free to accept the value and borrow the tool or reject the value and not borrow the tool. I am not going to negotiate line item by line item based on a current sale at Home Depot or Amazon. That's just too much work and I'm not willing to do it considering how inexpensive it is to borrow tools from me.

The kit total by type shows the replacement value of the kit. The borrower is responsible for the replacement value if the tool is not returned within 21 days. The borrower is responsible for damage to the tool (or use of consumables) up to the current value. When I notice that a tool is damaged then I will guess what that is going to cost me in money, effort, and-or time and then that is the amount of that the borrower is responsible for. That amount may not exceed the current value of the tool. If the borrower disagrees with my assessment of damages and we can't quickly come to an agreed upon amount of money the borrower is responsible for, then I'll simply charge the listed current value of the tool and the borrower can keep the tool.

For example: Say you get the concrete tool kit and in the hustle of getting the job done you forgot to clean the pool trowel up and concrete gets caked on it. That's going to take some time and effort on my part to clean, so I end up assessing $20 in damages because it's a real pain in the butt to clean off dried concrete but the trowel's current value is only $22. So you say that's too much and you aren't willing to pay that or clean it up to reduce my damages. At that point then it's up to me to either lower the damages or charge you $22 and you can keep the trowel.

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