Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Tom Clark 2021/12/02 21:40

Ghostbusters Afterlife ERASES Ghostbusters 2016 | A HUGE WIN for Fans and Pop Culture! (NO SPOILERS)
by Doomcock aka OverlordDVD via Youtube

I think I agree 99.9% of what Doomcock says in his spoiler free review. I found the lead child actress was an amazing tribute to Harold Ramis aka Dr. Egon Spengler. It was a movie that made me feel good. I liked that the story took it's time to develop. I'm tired of breakneck speed movies. I mean they are alright, but I like slower paced movies as well.

Ghostbusters Afterlife | Movie Review
Gary Beuchler aka Nerdrotic via Youtube

Another one of my favorite media critics, Gary Beuchler aka Nerdrotic, also says GBA is a good, fun movie that respects its heritage and doles out the warm fuzzies. I'd say Gary's review is a bit less positive than my own or even Doomcock's, but still a movie well worth the price of admission and we need to support media that is constructive and builds upon legacies rather than deconstructing and subverting culture.

Gary's main issue is the story's pacing and I guess he probably has a point with respect to mainstream audiences and children. With the lead going to a child actor, I think a bit more action in middle of the movie would have appealed to that sort of audience. For myself though, I think I liked the pacing and this movie would have been better had the ghosts inspired a bit more dread. A darn good movie though, made better for having respect for Ghostbuster fans.

I really like Gary's take on franchises – “there is only 1 Bladerunner film, only 2 Alien films, there's only 2 Predator films, there's only 2 Terminator films, there's only 3 Indiana Jones films, and there's only 3 Star Wars films, some might argue 6, and only 3 Ghostbuster movies.”

My list is a bit different:

  • 2 Bladerunner
  • 4 Alien films
  • 1 Predator film
  • 2 Terminator films
  • 3 Indiana Jones film
  • 5 Star Wars films (Excepting the Darth Maul v Qui-Gon & Obi Wan, The Phantom Menace and any scene with Jar Jar Binks is not Star Wars)
  • 2 Ghostbusters

BTW, I liked Ghostbusters I but I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the franchise. I don't think I've even watched Ghostbusters II.