Finale: Linus Tech Tips Linux Gaming Challenge Part 4

Tom Clark 2022/01/01 22:15

Linux FAILED - Linus Tech Tips Daily Driver Challenge Reaction
by TechHut via Youtube

So I wouldn't say Linux gaming failed, but rather it comes with serious trade-offs. However, given the state of AAA gaming, I don't think the trade-offs are as bad as some say. If you must have games on the first day they are released (foolish because you should wait at least a month and see how the game is reviewed). For AAA games, I say wait a year because nowdays they get you hooked on a game without microtransactions and then add them in later. Plus, I say just wait for the big end of year sales. I think I got most of my Xbox One games bought on Steam for like $250 just because I waited for the sale.

Also, there are some games that you won't be able to play at all. Even after tinkering. So if you must be able to run almost every game available on the PC instead of 80% of the Steam Library, then yeah Linux isn't going to work for you.

Finally, there may be one or two favorite games that you must have. One of those for me is FalconBMS which is a mod of Falcon 4. I understand it will run on Linux but not all of the add-ons that I am used to having. So, I think I will need to run Falcon in Windows, but because it is not a memory pig, I may be able to run it just fine in a virtual machine, but we'll see. I can always dual boot for the games that really only work in Windows. But for all other games, I think I am going to go Linux.

Now, the great thing about Steam is that if you bought the game for Windows, you can re-install it under Linux at no extra charge.

And I do get bored of gaming, so tinkering with games to get them onto Linux and just checking out the experience will be fun for me. For most gamers that aren't really a computer hobbyist, that's not going to be their attitude. But for me, I will enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of freeing myself from Microsoft's grip – as much as I reasonably can and still game the way I like to game.

And to be clear. AAA games are pretty sucky with all the microtransactions, woke bull, and cookie cut formulas that I find the older games and the indy games much more enjoyable.