Debian vs Arch or Mint vs EndeavorOS

Tom Clark 2021/12/10 23:43

I believe there are 3 main branches of Linux.

1. Fedora 2. Debian 3. Arch

It's my understanding that all the popular distributions fall under these 3 main branches. All of my Linux experience is in the Debian branch and all of that has been with Linux Mint. However, I am planning to put EndeavorOS and Fedora on one of the PCs around here because I want to be able to help people escape Windows & Mac by showing folks how easy it is to migrate to any one of these branches.

Here is a video that describes why one might choose Debian over Arch or vice-versa.

Debian vs Arch
by Chris Titus via Youtube]]

Here is the video that convinced me to try Arch>EndeavorOS:

EndeavourOS – BEST Arch Distro (New Release)
by TechHut via Youtube]]

The thing I think I will like about Arch is that it's probably going to be easier to install the latest versions of software. In the Debian line, you can install the latest software (usually) but it's not as straightforward as being reported by Arch advocates. We'll see.

So one of the most popular distros under Arch is Manjero. However, I've read that there is a versioning issue between Manjero and Arch. Basically it sounds like in Manjero you might not get the latest version of a program available in the Arch repository when using Manjero and that can cause some issues. Conversely, as I understand it, EndeavorOS just uses the Arch repository so there is no version syncing issue there. Now, Manjero's approach might be better overall because they may do a better job of curating out some extra stuff that might cause problems for me. But I'm going to give EndeavorOS a try.