Setting Up Shinobi as a Docker in Linux Mint

Tom Clark 2021/12/14 11:28

I started with Linux Mint 20.2. Then I followed this advice to get Docker setup on Mint:

How to Install DOCKER on LINUX MINT - Easy Step by Step Tutorial
by fixitfixitfixit via Youtube

The next step was to get the docker download image (I guess that's what it's called) and I did that by going here:


And the code to run was:

bash <(curl -s https://gitlab.com/Shinobi-Systems/Shinobi-Installer/raw/master/shinobi-docker.sh)

To start Shinobi in it's Docker container [as I understand it]:

docker start /Shinobi

This should get Shinobi running in the background, but to operate it you need to start your web browser and enter in the URL of the service.

In my case the URL for the superuser is http://localhost:8080/super but it could be different for you especially if you are not sitting at the computer where Docker and Shinobi have been installed.

To login as the superuser for the first time use the following credentials:

Username : admin@shinobi.video
Password : admin

After that I pretty much followed the instructions from the following video. But the host, Spaceinvader One, is setting Shinobi up on an Unraid server and I am setting it up on Linux Mint. I've set this up to skip the Unraid part, but if you want you can rewind the video and go over how is Unraid server is setup.

Setting up CCTV on Unraid - pt3 - Setting Up and Configuring Shinobi
by Spaceinvader One via Youtube

End of Test

So I was able to get the cameras working in Shinobi and I really like that you can easily rearrange the streams, but I couldn't figure out the way to set/use PTZ presets. I tried looking it up on Duckduckgo and Google and there's not a lot of help out there at this time. So maybe this product will be something to go to in the future. Also, everything was a bit laggy and especially the PTZ controls, which may have been because I was running Shinobi inside of a docker. I was going to try to run Shinobi natively to see if that cured the lag, but there's no point in trying if I can't set & use PTZ presets.

Anyway, it looks like iSpy has a new product out that also has Linux support (Blue Iris is Windows only). So I am going to take a look at that. If that doesn't work out then I will see if I can run Blue Iris either with Wine or in a virtual machine.