Losing Preset Positions on Point Tilt Zoom Cameras

Tom Clark 2021/12/02 08:52

So I ran into this yesterday:

I log into my camera's settings via my web browser1) and in there I can pan, tilt, and zoom a camera until I get it to a spot that I want the camera to cover. At the spot I then“save” or “submit”2) that as a numbered preset. On the north side of my home I have four spots to cover (1) the shed, (2) the bus stop, (3) the mail box, and (4) the north door of my home.

Next I go back to Blue Iris3) and in there under the PTZ tab you can find an “Edit Presets” button. In there the only thing I changed was the “Description” of the preset. Once you save the changes, now from Blue Iris I can click the corresponding number to the preset and the camera automatically PTZs to that position. It's awesome.

But the next day I had to reset my home network and the presets in the cameras no longer worked. What I had to do was go back to the Blue Iris and select: “Camera Settings”, then “Video” tab, then “Network IP… Configure” button, then “Find/inspect” button.

This evidently causes Blue Iris to reload the presets you set in the camera's firmware. Once it is done with the 'inspection', save your changes and BAM the presets worked again.

(i.e. is my first camera, .52 is second and so on). Click here to learn how to setup a permanent IP address for a camera.
Whether you get “save”, “submit”, or some other labeled button will depend on your camera's firmware.
The software I use to control and monitor all the cameras at once.