The Forest

Tom Clark 2022/05/20 09:18

Okay, I don't want to end up like this guy!


Play Hard Survival Mode on your FIRST playthrough. Also, set OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY > INTERFACE > SHOW OVERLAY ICONS to OFF!

Don't spoil this game for yourself by looking anything up online. Play on Hardcore Survival mode right from the git-go. You will have a satisfying challenge to navigate through. You may die from starvation, thirst, and hypothermia a couple of times before you get a handle on the crafting and hunting and gathering. But that's preferable to normal mode where IMHO survival is not really a problem.

I'd say it is okay to go ahead and get some help on the second playthrough to see what you missed. But if you are the type of guy that can resist treading the same path and will approach things from a different mindset, then continue avoid getting assistance.

Nonspoiler Review

This is an open world survival/exploration/horror game. The pacing and story are marvelous if you haven't feasted on spoilers. It's best to have overlay icons set to off as well. It's great as a single player or up to 4 friends in Co-Op mode.

The game isn't perfect but it is incredibly immersive. The environmental graphics are well done. I'd love to tell you more but I just want you to try the game without knowing anything more.


I had crashes until I switched to Glorious Eggroll 7-15 and used the following launch options: PROTON_NO_FSYNC=1 taskset -c 0,1,2,3 nice gamemoderun DXVK_ASYNC=1 %command%

After that I crashed twice on my playthrough, so I still recommend saving every game day and before going on an expedition (and during the expedition is a good idea if the opportunity arises).