Bioshock Infinite on Linux Mint

Tom Clark 2022/02/19 19:25

I finished BioShock 1 & 2 Remastered, but I got bored of this game at about the 4 hour mark, so everything I say is based on the early game experience. I liked the art and the new premise but the AI was the worst AI I think I've seen in a AAA game and the gun play was unsatisfying. But a lot of others like the game, so I would say it's worth a try if you can catch it on sale.


Although this has been ported to Linux, the game didn't load up past the intro screens until I forced it to use Proton (v7.0-1). I also tried:

-nointro -maxMem=4096

And the -nointro flag did not seem to work. Not sure about -maxMem=4096 doing anything but I saw a fellow on ProtonDB say that this made the game run much better. So after the game froze I am started using it. The game first froze as I was being rowed to the lighthouse.