Half-Life and the Backwards Walking/Running Mechanic

So yesterday I started playing Half-Life (It was on sell for I think $3 in late November and I finally got a chance to play it a bit.)

First, thing I hated was the reversal of how running and walking was. So, I found this fix on it's Steam community page.


The Problem Described

jontuckerum has Half-Life: Source Jul 5, 2014 @ 1:23pm

A Solution to the Ridiculous Running Speed? So I bought HL:S for my MacBook Pro. Aside from the annoying (glitch?) thing with the HD models not having any reload sounds, I just have to ask… why in the world is the running speed so damn high? I literally can't get past the box room in 'Unforseen Consequences' beacuse everytime I land on a box I either twitch and fly off frontwards or accidentally twitch and fall backwards. It's frustrating.

I remember the original Half-Life having an option to turn 'Always Run' off, but it seems when they ported the Half-Life 2 menus over to Half-Life through source that option was left out. In this state, without a controller, it is unplayable for me and I feel like I wasted $4. That sucks because I love this game (though I've never beaten it because I suck).

Is there any current workaround for Mac? I've seen some solutions that involve editing the userconfig.cfg file, but so far I haven't been able to locate it in Finder.

The Problem Solved

Mijo Jul 8, 2014 @ 12:18pm Half life (the original) doesn´t have a “always run” toggle either. As you already said, you'll need to edit the config file to alter the “walk” key (usually shift) behaviour. You'll need these lines on the cfg file to revert shift function (run while pressed, instead of the opposite):

bind SHIFT +holdrun
alias +holdrun -speed
alias -holdrun +speed

I also recommend you add these lines:

alias "runon" "-speed;alias togglerun runoff"
alias "runoff" "+speed;alias togglerun runon"
bind X togglerun
Editor's Note: Replace X with CAPSLOCK to use CAPSLOCK as your togglerun key.

Those will enable autorun when capslock is on. When crouched, walking movement is awfully slow, and unless you're on a vent shaft, you'll need your “pinkie” to keep crouching. That's when this option comes in handy.

As for the location of the “userconfig.cfg” file, it should be where “config.cfg” is located. Look at your installation folder and there should be a folder “hl1”. Inside is located the config file. If there is no “userconfig” file there, you'll need to create one and add the config lines I posted. Now add “exec userconfig.cfg” at the end of the config file and save (after saving changes, you'll want to change config.cfg to “read only” to stop it from resetting and deleting your lines).

I hope that helps.

This worked like a champ, but it will say that

exec userconfig.cfg

was already at the end of my config.cfg file so I don't think that marking the file as readonly since Steam is presumably adding the line at present and if Steam wants to update config.cfg for some reason 1) it won't be able to.

Like it adds a feature to the game and turns that feature on via the config.cfg file.