Conservatives Always Take the Side of Giant Corporations

Tom Clark 2021/12/01 13:47

16 states take HUGE stand against big banks. Join them NOW.
by glenn-beck via Youtube

Just a quick clip there to prove my point. Captured Republicans will do nothing to take on global business. That's why Trump was so big, he was the one guy that would actually fight for Americans. But captured Republicans does not equal conservatives. The American right has always been about preserving what is good. If a corporation is visiting evil upon a community the American right is not going to support that sort of behavior.

However, that's not how captured media presents your average Joe, righty. They pretend that a corporate bought and paid for Republican is every voter essentially forced to vote Republican because the Democratic party is so foul. Let's remember, the Democratic party is the party of slavery and Jim Crow. It's an evil enterprise and it was the upstart new-fangled Republicans that ousted the Democratic party from power to end slavery. Conservatives aren't against correcting injustice or being Luddites so conservatives supported the Republican party to end slavery and tend to support a technologically advanced military.

Anyway, as I have said elsewhere global corporatism is out-of-control and needs to be reigned in. Conservatives should be for a fair market, not one controlled by global corporations. I read in some old law books that the old monarchs understood how dangerous a corporation was, so if they allowed them they did so by limiting what activity they could be involved in and they would have a time limit placed on them as well. We need to swing back that way quite a bit. We can't have corporations becoming de facto governments. We can't have foreign money dictating corporate behavior in America.

Now I'm not against big business. It takes big business to finance and build a nuclear plants, etc. But when the power plant thinks that it is going to tell me what light bulb I can use at my house, they have crossed the line. Corporations shouldn't be allowed to dictate to the public.

Most of the conservatives that I know share my values, but the Republican Party hasn't been the best ally in doing something about the corporatist scourge and the Democratic Party is just a gang of criminality and injustice.